‘Scatter, bloom,
Take your flight towards the heights,
Celebrate the victory over elements
With a sacred dance,
In the beauty of hierarchies,
In unspeakable beauty.’

Alexander Scriabin



We are pleased to announce the release of the first perfume in seven years by famed French perfumer Michel Roudnitska.

Developed exclusively for ‘Scriabin in the Himalayas’, ’Himalaya’ is a unique creation, imbued with the spiritual clarity accessible in high and holy places. Inspired by the original olfactory score of timed scent diffusions created by Roudnitska for the performance, ‘Himalaya’ acts as a meditative portal, capturing the essence of the high Himalayan plateau and Tibetan monasteries, with a subtle veil of mystery which perpetually enshrouds these regions.

Ingredients include spicy Frankincense combined with amber woody oriental notes, earthy Indian Nagarmotha and a small quantity of Vanilla, feminised with Indian Jasmine and Jatamansi flowers. To express the heights of the Himalayas and the freshness of the air, Roudnitska added some ozonic and musky notes, which bring lightness to this very rich fragrance. As a result, ‘Himalaya’ lends itself equally to both men and women.

Given its rarity and preciousness, the fragrance can be used as a degustation or a meditation perfume: just one spray on a small piece of cloth or cotton will allow you to follow the scent for hours.


Limited Edition of 200

Signed and numbered by Michel Roudnitska